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Hire the best web design agency in Atlanta, Ga to help you create compelling designs and build customer loyalty. Our creative and dedicated web designer have a good understanding of technology and design principles. They must also be able to apply these principles when designing websites, web portals, web apps, responsive websites, etc. Our web designers design a personalized, beautiful, and engaging website that makes your digital presence felt at all the search engines and earns clients for you.

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Hire web design agency in Atlanta GA to design responsive websites

You have found the right place if you’re looking to hire dedicated web designer. Slicelion hires dedicated web designers who have high levels of skill, and proficient in their work, and focus on the development and efficiency of your application. Slicelion has the right team to help you get your work done in the most creative and innovative ways. Slicelion is a highly-rated web design agency in Atlanta, Ga that can help you maximize your return on investment. Slicelion offers to hire dedicated web designer that is fully responsible for your projects and will work to deliver perfection at a fair price.

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We follow the data-driven process to engage your prospects, convert them and ensure sales– Digitally. The goal of brand awareness is for the brand’s recognition to reach more people within its target audience. Brands face a problem measuring brand awareness. Professionals who are data-driven may feel uncomfortable measuring brand awareness. It is subjective and not measurable.

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We Will Write The Code for You

You must write some code, it’s a fact. When you first started using a computer, you probably anticipated that there would eventually be a lot more things to do. Writing code was necessary even if you were a reasonably skilled programmer since it contains the directions for what to do and how to accomplish it to a machine. You may have believed, “Oh yes, I know how to write code,” but you are not the only one.

As a prominent web design agency in Atlanta GA, we can assure you the results that matters the most to your business.

Extra Features Increase Your Exposure

We are a bespoke web development firm that can design, construct, and optimize any website or blog, conserving customers time and money along the way. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality at a reasonable cost.
We offer quality web design services in Atlanta, GA.

Web Developers Make Websites More User Friendly

It’s critical to be able to establish a user-friendly website. This is why a wide range of individuals who buy goods online, read news, watch videos, participate in online communities, and simply want to be able to discover information quickly using comprehensive search engines requires web content accessibility data as well as your brand. Ease of access is a human problem that needs human intervention.
For more defined and customized services, Hire a company that can shape your business with the help of optimized web design services in Atlanta GA.

Websites Are Cost Efficient Compared to Other Marketing Methods

Websites are more economical than other promotional strategies since they don’t require costly printing and advertising. A website is a location online where you may grow your business, brand, and goods to the public. If you already have a website, you should focus on marketing it on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps LinkedIn.

A Website is the Best Way to Stay in Contact with Customers and Shows

You must communicate with your clients as often as you can if you operate a business. You cannot, however, consistently perform this. The greatest approach to remain in touch with your consumers and provide them additional information about who and what you are, how much your business does, or what they’re dealing with is to have a website. As one of the best and most preferred Web design agency in Atlanta GA, we strive to help you achieve your business goals within stipulated time frame and deliver results. Read more about why web design is important

Potential Customers that You are a Professional Company

It’s crucial to target prospective clients who have the opportunity to buy but haven’t done so yet. When a potential customer expresses interest in your goods and services, they are likely to have inquiries about how you may assist them. When responding to consumer inquiries, employ language that suggests they could soon make a purchase. Keep it ambiguous at best when declaring that this guide is aimed to inform readers about “this issue” or “that component” of your organization rather than emphasizing the fact that you must be currently producing it under a single company name.

Optimizing Websites for Search Engine Results

Simply because of the way search engine results are shown on the website, users who are searching for a certain item, service, or company often look for information on that particular thing. This facilitates the development and maintenance of quick website visits that results in engagement.

A Website Can Be Upgraded Over Time, Whereas Advertising Options Have a Limited Lifespan

An examination of the life-cycle of a customer’s interest in a goods or services and the elements that affect that choice is done using the marketing model known as life-cycle marketing. Finding out what the customer’s requirements and interests are, then developing products or services to fulfill those demands, is the main objective of life-cycle marketing.

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We offer a responsive website that is readily available across the platforms with ease on mobile, tablet, and computer.
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We ensure safe and secure website security measures on your website.
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We understand the need for speed. We optimize and improve your Google Page Speed Score.
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Meaningful insights that help you make swift decisions.
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We use platforms that are easy to manage and use for your comfort and ease.
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We ensure to stand by you when you need us the most.
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Your Website – Your Asset

We understand that your website is your digital asset. You retain the ownership of it – 100%.
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We offer nothing less than the best of our capabilities in Web design along with SEO and PPC. Here are some of the samples of our work which you can go through.

Our Work

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What to Ask When Hiring a Web Design Agency

We build unique websites tailored to each client’s goals and objectives. Every business has questions. We have answers. Whether you’re starting a website for the first time or redesigning an existing site, our approach is clear and simple, we’ll give you a site that is uniquely yours,
Professional Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, Social Media Advertising Campaigns, Content Marketing, Reputation Management Services, Google Analytics Reporting & Consulting, Branding Marketing Packages, Public Relations Services and PPC Graphic Design Services.
That’s right. You own it 100%. Full stop. And we can help you sell it back at any time. Our website designers will help you avoid the mistakes of previous clients and design you a beautiful site that performs for years to come. We will even build your site from scratch if you have no other options.
When you work with us, there’s no need to worry about how we will handle your project or what you should do. We have it covered. For every project there are distinct phases and knowledge requirements to help you understand in advance what is expected of your team. For most projects, there are usually weekly or monthly meetings and coordination between the client and the Agency during the project.
What you get for your money can vary quite a bit, just like the cost of a house (although websites are usually cheaper!). Can you get a website for $1,000? You bet. Do some websites cost $100,000 or more today, yes. More than ever before, there’s a website out there for everyone. No matter what you’re looking to do with a website, you can find a solution that fits your needs and fits within your budget. How much should it cost? The honest answer is that with so many options, there’s no one-size fits all pricing model. We offer three levels of websites: Affordable, Professional and Platinum. Learn more about each level here .
Web design and development is our passion and we’ve acquired a vast amount of experience over the years that has helped us to become one of the most respected, trusted providers of web design and development services in the US. Slicelion is a pure play provider of web development, advertising, and analytic solutions to the Dental, Legal, and Real Estate Sector. Our clients choose us because they care about their online presence, and we make every effort to ensure that our clients receive the best products and service available online.

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